The Best Farmhouse Shower Curtains on a Budget

Farmhouse Shower Curtain

Since moving into our new home I feel like there’s so… many spaces that I want to re-decorate.  But I think it’s important to start small.  So my first room I’m planning to tackle is our guest bathroom.  It’s not a huge space at all.  The last few weeks I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect shower curtain.  When decorating a bathroom, I like to start with finding a shower curtain, and then building the ‘feel’ around it.  Here’s a collection of my fav five farmhouse shower curtains for those on a budget.

Fixer Upper Bathroom

1.  Lush Decor Large Ripple Shower Curtain from Target – I’m absolutely loving on this one!  It’s super affordable and adorable.  The white keeps it neutral so it would work almost anywhere.  The ruffles bring in a touch of femininity, and I feel like the bathroom is definitely a room you can get away with it.  You can also find it in ivory here!

2.  Shower Curtain Tan Embroidered – Threshold™ from Target –  Another affordable option from Target.  Now this one is my most masculine selection, but it features some simple embroidered details which make it fun.  ** This style is no longer available, but I’ve tracked down another that is very similar.

3.  LC Lauren Conrad Sophia Shower Curtain from Kohls – A pricey selection on my list, but it’s on sale… so you can’t beat that!  I love this gorgeous blue color.  I’m thinking paired with grays, silver and natural wood decor it would be stunning.

4.  InterDesign Medallion Fabric Shower Curtain from Amazon – For the gal on a budget, this is a great option as it’s the least expensive.  Not a fan of this pattern? Not to worry… there’s so many options available.

5.  LC Lauren Conrad Ella Ruffle Fabric Shower Curtain from Kohls – Afraid of too many ruffles? This is the perfect in-between.  1/2 is just plain Jane, 1/2 girly with ruffles.  It’s the best of both worlds… and it’s on sale so come on!

So those are my picks!  Proud of myself for finally narrowing it down to five.  Now it’s decision time.  HELP!  I need your opinions on what to pick. Leaning toward #1 currently.





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